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   dSOFT since 1986 it is dedicated to software development and maintenance management systems for companies.
As a result of this long history a series of products that either are becoming obsolete, or simply they have been developed to support other technologies, and are not part of the business strategy of the company arise.
We also publish on this page some demos that have no time limit use, but also operating limited so that they can be of public utility.
This page is available to the public these groups divided into five major programs:
  • POS Demos very complete and without time limit of use. For those who do not require full functionality of POS and have a limited number of daily operations , these programs can be a free solution .

  • PostgreSQL this is an applications group for the exploitation of the powerful PostgreSQL database. Some of them allow a high level of configuration and proving very useful for developers and as utilities company.

  • Development they are aimed at developing data based applications, with local support data, allowing, not being linked to databases, flexibility and very high portability programs.

  • Utilities In this group there are varied programs generally oriented developers, although some may be very useful for any user.